Junior’s UNITE here

To all Junior Anglers we the Committee have in our FORUM a section for juniors to become invovled in OUR club.

Each of you male or female are our future. Here on the island we are running a fishery to ensure everyone in the future can benifit from the great sport.

Our Forum is for all of you to take part in……. use it or lose it.

All informaton is for our registered anglers only not available to the public.

New Membership Secretary 2014

As your Chairman I am pleased to welcome Mr William Skeldon as our new Membership Secretary. At an extraordinary committee meeting  on 18th March Mr Skeldon was proposed, seconded and received a 100% vote of the committee.

Mr. Skeldon’s details, including address, telephone and email can be found  under Membership Secretary on this page, together with  NEW membership forms  available in PDF to download.

All our thanks must go to the retiring Secretary, Mr. John Creaser, who has served us so well in computerising/setting up our membership details and handing over all the equipment and his knowledge of  the system to Mr. Skeldon.

Hope to see you all at the AGM on Thursday, 24th April.