IOW Open Info

This Sundays match is the Isle of Wight Open at Merstone (draw 8.45) – entry fee is £10 paying out 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and two sections by default.

Two keepnets will be required : 1 for carp, 1 for silvers and small carp under a pound.

Please note, if anyone has spare keepnets please bring them along, looks like we may have a few new faces fishing who may need to borrow nets.


Match Report – Kingfisher 6th July 2014

Everyone was looking forward to the first match of the season on Kingfisher, especially with reports that it was “fishing it’s head off” with huge catches reported from pleasure sessions and midweek matches. A decent turnout of 19 anglers attended including a couple of welcome new faces – with another 7 or 8 regular matchmen missing for various reasons it bodes well for future matches where hopefully we may be getting back to the 25+ turnouts of old.

Unfortunately although the match was won with one of the largest weights ever taken from Kingfisher in a match it was patchy to say the least with many struggling for bites, amazing really considering the amount of fish we now know to be in there.

Taking a clear win with 87lb 9oz was Bill Skeldon on peg 12, I was pegged next up from Bill and his quote to me when surveying his swim before the match was “any muppet should catch a few from here” – and whilst that’s true and any muppet certainly would have caught some from there Bill is no muppet and proceeded to put on  flawless display of feeder fishing dropping the feeder at the back of the bay every time and taking fish on a regular basis. His 87lb weight doesn’t really reflect how well he did as he lost another estimated 15 – 20 fish during the day due to a large snag in the swim, had he landed them all he would easily smashed the current Kingfisher 5 hour match record of 96lb with an estimated 120+ lb. Well fished Bill.

Second place was your truly (Lee Davison) with a weight of 47lb 9oz from the other bay on peg 14. I was into my first fish on the first cast and they came steadily throughout the day, never spectacular just steady – I also picked up a few fish on paste and pole but I was disappointed on the pole line and was expecting it to fih much better than it did.

Two swims up on peg 16 (I’m sure you’re spotting the pattern here !) Geoff White took third place with 29lb 15oz again I believe taken on the feeder, another solid performance from Geoff.

I don’t normally note the fourth place finisher in our matches but this week it was notable as it was a new face in the shape of Rob Bennett who I believe was fishing his first match with the club. Rob managed 25lb 4oz of mainly carp, I believe again taken on the feeder. I hope you enjoyed the match Rob, look forward to seeing you again.

Unfortunately weights dropped off pretty quickly after this with only Ian Jones in fifth topping 20lbs – full results are below.

I’ll also apologise at this point that we don’t yet have the various league tables online, I’m very limited in what I can do with the current website setup but am working on something which should be up in the next couple of weeks which shows the full results and permissions, please bear with me it’s on the way !

1st – Bill Skeldon – 87lb 9oz
2nd – Lee Davison – 47lb 9oz
3rd – Geoff White – 29lb 15oz
4th – Rob Bennett – 25lb 4oz
5th – Ian Jones – 20lb 10oz
6th – Paul Bennett – 18lb 1oz
7th – Shaun Strand – 17lb 5oz
8th – Malcolm Wood – 13lb 13oz
9th – Chris Langdon – 12lb 0oz
10th – Graham Kemp – 9lb 12oz
11th – Adrian Nicholas – 9lb 2oz
12th – John Millington – 6lb 12oz
13th – Ian De Gruchy – 5lb 3oz
14th – Paul Yearsley – 4lb 8oz
15th – Jeff Arnold – 3lb 11oz
16th – Mick Wharton – 1lb 4oz

Mark Wheldon, Darryl Palmer, Rob Ribbens DNW

Next match is back on Kingfisher for the IOW Open on 20th July – this is a £10 pools with 100% payout.


There is a meeting for all bailiffs next Tuesday July 8th at Camphill prison officers club at 19:00hrs sharp.

This is for all existing bailiffs and also for anyone else that would be interested in volunteering their services, we are particularly thin on the ground for bailiffs  in Cowes to cover Somerton.


There has been an outbreak of Koi Herpes Virus at a fishery just across the water in Southampton, we have been advised by Dan Ross of the environment agency to install net dips at each of our fisheries as a precaution, these will be in place before the weekend, please dip all nets and unhooking mats on arrival.

When you get home ensure that all your nets are dry before you put them away.